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👋  Creative directors and marketing teams

Matt will breath life into your brand visuals. Don’t do this because he tells you to though, do it because your competitors are doing it to theirs.

Matt's selected projects

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Matt’s work is informed by a specialism in semiotics. With a degree in illustration and 6+ years experience to back this up. This means your budget is used talking to the right audience and isn’t wasted on people who couldn’t care less.


Everything your creative project needs. Plus 24/7 contact for any emergencies. Animation – Illustration – Design – Video – Concepting – Assets – Licences


Matt works with bigger brands and smaller brands learning what mistakes get made so your team doesn’t make them. Save your self from learning the hard way like I did.

Differently Abled at Facebook

Facebook was named one of the best places to work for disability inclusion. See my illustrations for them