Did you say motion?


Adverts, content and news stories are consumed on digital screens (mostly). Smart Glasses will soon show adverts as if they are in the real world, on the street. Matt is all things motion, motion design, animation, stop motion, animated logos, VFX, gifs. I will bring your brand to life. Your competitors are doing it to theirs.



Matt uses semiotics to inform all visual choices. This means you attract and speak to the right audience. So you don't spend budget talking to the wrong one.



All assets and licence fees are included with Matt. He never passes the costs onto you. So all you see is one affordable day rate.



Matt has worked with many brands, some smaller and some bigger. Together they have made many mistakes and these learnings come with Matt.

Trusted by

"Matt was extremely helpful, enthusiastic and really understood what we were after. I would definitely recommend him to anyone else!"

Creative Producer - AS WATSON

"Matt is exceptional. He's a highly skilled designer and then takes it to the next level with animation! Use him to bring creativity into your team!"


Head of Creative - DERMATICA

Differently Abled at Facebook


Facebook was named one of the best places to work for disability inclusion. See my illustrations here.


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