An emotive solution for a new kind of bank.


I've produced lots of work for Dozens over the last few years. From in-app advertising to nationwide bus campaigns and projections in the London Underground. My most successful online ad converted viewers to customers for just £4pp. That's a 96% saving on customer acquisition when compared to traditional banks.

London's Hardest

A comedy project satisfying my love of animation.


2021 animated true story, narrated from the perspective of two friends living above a group of shopkeepers so tough you wouldn't want to return an under-ripe banana there.

Grow with Google

4 part series with Google and Answer in Progress.


The series looks at our new relationship with work since the pandemic and sheds light on why many of us are leaving jobs and switching careers, with answers on how to do this if it's something you are considering yourself.

Explainer Videos

Quick turn around explainer videos.


Simple in aesthetics but with big messages. I co-wrote and produced this animated series which questions the motives of high-street banks and how their interests may not be the same as their customers. The series was released on Youtube and have collectively been watched over 100k times.


Differently abled at Facebook.


Facebook was named one of the best places to work for disability inclusion. I worked with the Head of Differently Abled to create character illustrations for the group. The challenge was to illustrate the two sides to disability without depicting specific or visual handicaps. My solution was to keep the overall poses powerful but to cast one side of the characters in shade.

Current Project

An animated short story about a pilot and a fish. If you want to see more about this project as it unfolds, then follow me on Instagram here.


As well as a 17 part series of educational videos on the skin and the science behind it, I have worked on many of Dermatica's adverts resulting in a 100% increase of customers in under a year.